(lycanthropes) Were-beings can be found in any culture. The most commonly known are the werewolves. They are the mirror of the human and the animal side within us.

A big THANKYOU to Anita from Anita Lee Creations
Pricey on 07/01/2008 at 5:03pm (UTC)
 Hi There,

I have just started a new web site which I have used the lady depicted in your Halloween 2007 design as a part of one of my my designs and was writing to you to ask if you could possibly check it out and let me know if its ok to use.
If not I will remove it immediately.

I have left a great feedback for you under it.

I was also wondering if I could possibly add a link from my site to yours as I Love your work and think that others would also.

All the best,


Hello Pricey,

It looks wonderful, yes you can use it.

Thank you


Werewolf Cafe
Pricey on 07/01/2008 at 8:08am (UTC)
 Howdy guys and gals,

I've come across a brilliant site called Werewolf Cafe. The people there are as friendly as hell,awesome artwork and a fantastic forum.

Unlike mine lol.

Drop in and check it out.

Take care and beware of the Moon.


Site Currently Under Construction
Pricey on 06/27/2008 at 5:05pm (UTC)

Hi all,

Please be patient as I fine tune and add valuable content for your viewing pleasure.

If anyone has any content or idea's to make this the site of all sites please get in contact.

The more the merrier I say.

Also if there is anyone who has some links to their site and or sites, please feel free to add your links and or banners.

Beware of the Moon,



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