(lycanthropes) Were-beings can be found in any culture. The most commonly known are the werewolves. They are the mirror of the human and the animal side within us.

Website Up And Running
Pricey on 10/28/2008 at 9:58am (UTC)
 Howdy all,

Happy to inform you that the site is back to its full potential with new host sites CDMazika and FileAve. Enjoy. :)

Shadow Reichenstein
Pricey on 07/22/2008 at 12:51pm (UTC)

Influences: Hate, Death, Sex, Love, War, Murder, Revenge and Disease.




Lycanthrope Emporium Clothing
Pricey on 07/14/2008 at 6:49am (UTC)
 Lycanthrope Emporium and Volume Clothing are joining forces to bring to you a great new range of T-Shirts, Tracksuits, Jackets, Dress Shirts and everday wears.

A big thankyou to my good friend Steve at Volume Clothing for taking on this massive task for all of the Lycan minded people of the world.

Stay tuned for product updates and designs as they come to hand.

Looking forward to this one...


Southern Werewolf Farm
Pricey on 07/12/2008 at 4:45am (UTC)


They’ve got the Power, the Groove and they kick-ass live….
But above all... THEY ROCK HARD !!!

Five "Rednecks" that live and play their Southern Power Rock, like nothing else matters!

With a complete set of their own stunning songs, the Southern Werewolf Farm (SWF) are hitting the road to harvest.

It all started out in Tilburg, late October 2005, when 5 similar souls found each other with only one mission in mind: make the finest music there is, and to groove this planet out of orbit.

Now, a shitload of gigs later it’s safe to say that this quest is still pursued: live concerts never stop to amaze people.
It’s what the SWF does best: one giant live energetic road show whereas it’s impossible not to move to the stampin’ beat.
A groovin’ foundation with great guitar riffs and mindblowing twin solo’s, topped off with melodic and raw vocals

Their new promotional CDemo will be released shortly. With this latest feat of arms the SWF will continue their crusade wherever the full moon will take ‘em. Come check them out and have your best night ever!




Artwork on the Net
Pricey on 07/11/2008 at 8:40pm (UTC)
 Howdy Pack,

A new gallery entry as been added featuring the best Werewolf related artwork on the net. If you know of any great pieces or have some work that you may have done yourself feel free to add to it and showcase your artistic talents. The more the merrier I always say.

Enjoy, I did :D


Pisces Syndrome Providing Music For Lycanthrope Emporium
Pricey on 07/02/2008 at 7:00am (UTC)

The boys from Pisces Syndrome have agreed to supply Lycanthrope Emporium with their AWESOME sounds.

About Pisces Syndrome

Pisces Syndrome is a four piece band from Brisbane, Australia. Luke Hobbs (Vocals, Guitar), Matt Newton (Lead / Slide Guitar / Blues Harp) Craig Mosely (Drums, Percussion) & Shane Tapp (Bass Guitar) have all done their time on the local music scene, with various levels of fulfillment.

The first recordings, though somewhat minimalist and lo-fi, will hopefully provide an insight into what to expect when they do head back to the studio. The songs were born in the moment, whether expressing a certain mood, feeling or just the intensity of the jam & the aim has been to capture that element on their recordings and in their live performance, leaving their songs open to the possibility of evolving through improvisation.

With many and varied influences from within the group, Pisces Syndrome seems to have a lifeblood of it’s own and the music as a whole is hard to define. That is left up to the listener.

Stay tuned!!!!



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